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Lend An Ear's Founder

Dr. Kelly Spiller

           Dr. Kelly Spiller boasts a distinguished career spanning over two decades as an Audiologist. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Speech Pathology and a Master’s Degree in Audiology, both earned from Central Missouri State University. Dr. Spiller is a certified Doctor of Audiology by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA), contributing her expertise across various domains within the profession.

           In 2008, Dr. Spiller founded the Professional Hearing Center, subsequently integrating the clinic into ENT Associates of Greater Kansas City in July 2015, where she assumed the role of President. Her leadership has been pivotal in shaping the organization. In February 2016, she established the Lend An Ear Foundation, a non-profit entity dedicated to serving the auditory health needs of the community.

           Beyond her administrative responsibilities, Dr. Spiller collaborates closely with ENT physicians and Physical Therapists specializing in Vestibular and Balance Disorders. Her comprehensive approach involves evaluating each patient and recommending tailored treatment options, which may include the prescription of hearing aids, medical referrals, or hearing protection measures.

           In her personal pursuits, Dr. Spiller finds joy in spending quality time with her three daughters. Notably, she has recently embraced the fulfilling responsibility of being a foster parent, providing a secure and nurturing environment for children in need.

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