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Patient and Caregiver Resources

Need our services? Contact us today and we will come and visit with you to explain our program and see how we can help your patients hear better during one of the most important times in their lives. 


~Hearing testing

~Earwax removal

~Hearing aid fitting

~Assisted device fittings

~Counseling to patients, caregivers and families

~Work closely with Hospice organizations as part of the team

~Provide services at MO/KS Special Olympics games

Step 1
Call 816-331-4327 if you or a loved one is in Hospice, Palliative Care, or is a Special Olympian.

Step 2 
Receive and complete the Lend an Ear application.

Step 3
Get matched with an audiologist, who will come to the patient's home to test hearing and fit donated amplification device(s).
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